2023 Roseville Wild Rice Festival

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2023 Roseville Wild Rice Festival is a time to be celebrating wild rice, the fall season, and Native American culture.

We are thrilled to welcome back Pow Wow Grounds Café and Gibbs Farm, along with the Little Earth Drum & Dance Group. Children can enjoy games and activities, while adults can try their hand at hands-on apple cider pressing.

Other highlights include storytelling and other live entertainment, traditional wild rice harvesting and honey extraction demonstrations, and delicious wild rice soup, fry bread, and other tasty treats for sale.

And the best part? As always, there is no admission charge.

Don't miss out on this family-friendly event. Follow the links at left for our programming schedule and other details. See you at the Minnesota Wild Rice Festival, 2023.

More details to be announced later and will update as planning commitee's release more information and schedule of events.

Roseville Wild Rice Festival Parking & Event Map

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