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Minnesota wild rice can be purchased our online store wildrice.com or minnesotawildrice.com. We only sell premium cultivated wild rice that is grown, harvested, packed, and shipped directly from the MN Wild Rice farm to your front door.

You can rest assured that you're getting the freshest, most flavorful wild rice when you order from us. Plus, our websites offer a wide selection of wild rice products, including various sizes, and share hundreds of wild rice recipes and cooking tips to help you get the most out of your wild rice.

So why wait? Visit our online store here at wildrice.com or minnesotawildrice.com today and discover the delicious, nutritious goodness of Minnesota Wild Rice.

How To Cook Wild Rice
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 - Instant Pot
 - Slowcooker
 - Ricecooker
 - Crockpot
 - Microwave
 - In The Oven

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