Wholesale Wild Rice

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Wholesale Wild Rice

Yes, we are able to sell wholesale Cultivated Minnesota Wild Rice.
We can meet the needs of any small business to the largest of businesses globally.  From 50lbs bags, 2,000 lb totes, Semi Truck Loads, and upto 1+ million pounds of Minnesota Wild Rice..

Where can I buy wholesale wild rice? 

You're at the right place ( WildRice.com )...  Click here to send us an email of your needs / requirements and any and all questions you might have and we will get back to you ASAP with answers in regards to pricing, shipping and logistics and so on.

How To Cook Wild Rice
 - Stovetop
 - Instant Pot
 - Slowcooker
 - Ricecooker
 - Crockpot
 - Microwave
 - In The Oven

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